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09/11/17 10:00am


About 30 percent of Islanders who received surveys from the Deer & Tick Committee responded by the first week of September, according to Animal Control Officer Beau Payne.

“I’m sort of shocked,” Mr. Payne said about what he called a “pretty significant” number of responses, with approximately 1,000 received. (more…)

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07/18/17 4:30pm
JULIE LANE PHOTO Dr. Scott Campbell

JULIE LANE PHOTO  Dr. Scott Campbell

Summer on Shelter Island comes with warnings about ticks and concerns about the illnesses they can transmit, such as Lyme disease. But lately other lesser-known tick-borne ailments are grabbing the attention of East End locals, who reach out to experts because they are concerned the situation is worsening. (more…)

05/01/17 2:00pm


This could be a bad year for Suffolk County for Lyme disease — the malady that residents of the Island and the county were numbered among the earliest victims.

“Forbidding Forecast for Lyme disease in the Northeast,” was the title of a report last month on National Public Radio’s “Morning Edition.” Neither that program nor NPR are prone to exaggeration.

“Ticking time bomb … Lyme disease is set to explode in the U.S. this year,” was the headline this month of an article in a publication also known for careful journalism, New Scientist. (more…)