12/22/17 4:30pm
COURTESY PHOTO | Presents under the tree.

COURTESY PHOTO | Presents under the tree.

“Why can’t every day be like Christmas?”

I was listening to Elvis singing that song last week while my grandchildren decorated my Christmas tree. They had a great time. And when they were finished, we went to Bella Vita and picked up a pizza. While they placed the ornaments in the best locations, they sipped hot chocolate I bought earlier at the Eagle Deli.  (more…)

12/14/17 8:00am


With holiday lights a’blazing, the Island looks especially festive during these longest nights of the year. While many shops scale back hours in winter, you can still find all sorts of gift items or plan for holiday catering without boarding a ferry. (more…)

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12/11/17 8:00am


Beautiful life
To the Editor:
We want to thank Bella Vita Pizza for coming to our aid in a time of need. (more…)