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06/27/17 10:00am
REPORTER FILE PHOTO Helicopters at the East Hampton airport

REPORTER FILE PHOTO Helicopters at the East Hampton airport.

The long shot didn’t pay off.

On Monday, the United States Supreme Court decided not to hear the Town of East Hampton’s petition to overrule a lower court’s decision that the town had no right to restrict access into and out of its airport by helicopters and other so called “noisy” aircraft.

In November, when East Hampton filed the petition, Councilwoman Kathee Burke-Gonzalez, the Town Board’s liaison to the airport, said it would be an “uphill fight,” but one worth pursuing.
Shelter Island Supervisor Jim Dougherty — a strong advocate of local control of the East Hampton-owned airport — had characterized the move as a “long shot” and as “going to reach for the gold ring … maybe the court might toss out federal regulation and go for home rule.”

But it wasn’t to be. (more…)

10/28/16 10:00am
REPORTER FILE PHOTO | State Senator Ken LaValle.

REPORTER FILE PHOTO | State Senator Ken LaValle.

You don’t get to spend a lifetime in office without being an effective legislator.

Ken LaValle (R-Port Jefferson), senior member in the New York State Senate, was first elected in 1976. In 40 years, he’s proven his ability to bring home the bacon for his district. He’s remained mostly scandal-free and has run for re-election without much of a fight from Democrats for decades. (more…)

11/03/14 2:00pm


For governor: Andrew Cuomo (D)

Perhaps Andrew Cuomo’s most impressive accomplishment since becoming governor in 2011 is an ability to work with lawmakers to pass budgets on time. He’s achieved this four years in a row, something that hadn’t happened in Albany in 40 years. He’s also remained focused on strengthening the economy through business incentives and middle-class tax cuts. (more…)