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06/28/17 12:30pm
ELEANOR P. LABROZZI PHOTO The Shelter Island High School Class of 2017.

ELEANOR P. LABROZZI PHOTO The Shelter Island High School Class of 2017.

“This is our Super Bowl Sunday and we’ve won,” Shelter Island Board of Education President Thomas Graffagnino told seniors at Saturday’s graduation ceremony, describing how he and his colleagues have watched the 16 students through the years meet challenges set before them.

“We’re here for you today and we’ll always be here,” he said. (more…)

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04/21/16 4:30pm
JULIE LANE PHOTO The Shelter Island Country Club's clubhouse at Goat Hill. Several writers this week — including the Board of Directors —commented on changes at the club.

JULIE LANE PHOTO The Shelter Island Country Club’s clubhouse at Goat Hill. Several writers this week — including the Board of Directors —commented on changes at the club.

Prudent fiscal management of Goat Hill
To the Editor:
Every president and board of the Shelter Island Country Club has struggled with the same issue: How do we keep membership fees, golf fees and bar prices as low as possible so the club can be affordable to Islanders?

The downside to keeping the club affordable puts tough limits on the amount of money available to maintain the course. In prior years, the club spent roughly $10,000 a year, excluding staff salaries, on course maintenance. The current board has tripled our investment in the course and still more money is needed. (more…)

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09/26/15 3:00pm
REPORTER FILE PHOTO The Center Post Office.

REPORTER FILE PHOTO The Center Post Office.

New York Avenue solutions
To the Editor:
I live on New York Avenue and know, first hand, how dangerous the road is (see Our View “One way only?”, September 10).

Every summer I see numerous accidents and near misses. Families on bicycles are being run off the road by speeders driving 40 to 50 mph and large commercial trucks. Bicycle riders trying to stay on the edge of the road are falling into ruts on the road’s edge. I have gone down my driveway to aid riders and fix their bicycles several times. (more…)

06/11/13 4:00pm

JULIE LANE PHOTO | Social studies teacher Brian Doelger received tenure at Monday night’s Board of Education meeting.

The final phase of the proposed $2.8 million school renovation project kicks off June 24, with installation of new windows and replacement of a water tank. If the project remains on course — and Superintendent Michael Hynes cautions about counting money saved until all bills are in — the district could see the project completed for about $2.7 million.

Brian McClave of McClave Construction told the Board of Education Monday night there’s been a $10,000 overrun incurred to meet Suffolk County Department of Health Services requirements pertaining to the placement of the new water tank. That’s because there were tests that had to be done to demonstrate its safety and its appropriate distance from sewer lines that come into the school.

During the water tank installation, the roadway in front of the school will be closed for about a week.

It was a night of celebration Monday as colleagues and friends crowded the meeting room to honor social studies teacher Brian Doelger who was granted tenure. Among the residents was Father Peter DeSanctis of Our Lady of the Isle wishing Mr. Doelger well.

Dr. Hynes commended Mr. Doelger for his rapport with students and said he would play a large role in helping develop the new “humanities house” program for students grades six through 12.

Board member Mark Kanarvogel called it “astonishing” to watch Mr. Doelger interact with students.

“It is a big trust thing,” Mr. Doelger told the board about his receiving tenure. “I would never let you guys down,” he promised.

Valedictorian Katy Binder, who has been the student liaison to the Board of Education, told members her brother Charlie would be replacing her in that role next year. She’s bound for Villanova in September where she will study physics.

Board members and teachers offered praise for her contribution to the school through the years with social studies teacher Peter Miedema telling her how much she will be missed and board president Stephen Gessner thanking her for her for representing the students at monthly meetings.

The board accepted an $1,800 contribution from the Shelter Island 10k Community Fund to be used to purchase Athletic Hall of Fame plaques, certificates and frames. The initial group of inductees will be honored tonight, Thursday, June 13 at ceremonies in the school auditorium beginning at 7 p.m.