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Kids ice art, 3 p.m., library. (631) 749-0042.

Out to Lunch Bunch, ages 60 plus travel by van to Southampton Publick House. Meet at American Legion/Youth Center, 11:30 a.m. $6 plus the cost of lunch. Register at (631) 749-0309.

Celebrity Chef Dinner, Seth Nathan of Isola prepares a three-course Italian menu. 5:45 p.m., Shelter Island Presbyterian Church. $30. (Rescheduled from March 21 due to weather). Call (631) 749-0805 to see if space is available. (more…)

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Women’s rights
To the Editor:
I read the reporting and letters to the editor regarding the “joke” Supervisor Dougherty told (“Dougherty apologizes for ‘lame humor,’” May 11). I have heard that offensive “joke” in so many contexts that I have become desensitized to it, which is the problem with such jokes. (more…)

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04/17/17 12:00pm
BEVERLEA WALZ PHOTOS And they're off! Kids on a mad dash across Fireman's Field Saturday to hunt for Easter eggs.

BEVERLEA WALZ PHOTOS And they’re off! Kids on a mad dash across Fireman’s Field Saturday to hunt for Easter eggs.

The annual Easter Egg Hunt, sponsored by the Shelter Island Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary, took  place on Saturday.

The hunt was at Fireman’s Field and kids ages 1 through 8  had a fun-filled afternoon continuing one of the community’s cherished traditions.

Reporter staff photographer Beverlea Walz captured the fun. (more…)

05/27/16 8:00am

JO ANN KIRKLAND PHOTO | Kids at the parade in 2014.

Shelter Island’s Memorial Day events and ceremonies honor those who died while serving in America’s armed forces. They are a quintessential part of small town life and an annual tradition for locals and visitors alike.

This year, Memorial Day falls on Monday, May 30 with Shelter Island observances presented by American Legion Mitchell Post 281 and Ladies Auxiliary, as well as the Shelter Island Fire Department and its Ladies Auxilary. The Shelter Island Lions Club sponsors post-parade activities and food. (more…)

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04/08/16 2:00pm
REPORTER FILE PHOTO A letter writer says there should be new leadership at the Shelter Island Country Club.

REPORTER FILE PHOTO |A letter writer says there should be new leadership at the Shelter Island Country Club.

New leadership  for Goat Hill
To the Editor:
As a former grounds superintendent and member of the Shelter Island Country Club (SICC), I was disheartened to see the most recent photos of the golf course greens. They are in terrible shape! Judging by the photos, they are riddled with snow mold (fungus), lacking proper nutrients, basic mowing, as well as mechanical practices (aeration, thatch removal, etc.). (more…)