11/01/18 4:30pm

Families are invited to Mashomack Preserve’s Owl Prowl to hear, and possibly see, screech owls on Saturday, November 10 from 4:30 to 6 p.m.

A weekly round-up of events and activities on Shelter Island.


11/01/18 12:24pm

A panel discussion on the meaning of the First Amendment was held October 25 at the library. From left, Town Councilman Paul Shepherd, Professor of Law Thomas Schweitzer, Reporter Editor Ambrose Clancy, educator Barbara Barnes and journalist Gary Paul Gates.

The Shelter Island Library hosted a lively discussion on press freedoms on Thursday, October 25. 


11/01/18 10:00am


A weekly round-up of events and activities on Shelter Island.


Featured Story
10/27/18 4:54pm

REPORTER FILE PHOTO | Shelter Island Library

On a wicked weather day, 96 residents braved the elements and voted in favor of the Shelter Island Library budget for 2019 with 87 in favor and 9 opposed to the spending plan of $772,974 of which $660,737 will be raised from taxes.

Library Director Terry Lucas said the new spending plan will cost the average homeowner an additional $6.40 per year.

I am so pleased to have so many people come out to vote on such a windy, rainy day,” Library Director Terry Lucas said. “On behalf of the trustees and staff, I want to thank the community for their support and look forward to another year of providing resources and programs for all Islanders.”

The total increase in spending is $37,729 of which $28,453 comes from taxes. The largest part of that increase is for health insurance and reflects the addition of a single staff member.