08/27/16 3:00pm


I tell my journalism students the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) was the best thing to come along for journalists since the typewriter. For nearly 40 years in my investigative reporting course at SUNY Old Westbury, I teach the history and use of FOIA.

In fact, not just journalists, but anybody can utilize FOIA. It opens a window on what government does — what these days is called “transparency” — and is a treasure for democracy. (more…)

Featured Story
07/05/16 8:00am
AMBROSE CLANCY PHOTO Some of the tools of the trade for a baseball scout.

AMBROSE CLANCY PHOTO It was ‘Scout Day’ last week for East End summer league players.

“Does it translate to the pros? That’s what we’re trying to figure out,” John Ceprini said.

A scout for the Cincinatti Reds, Mr. Ceprini was speaking about the process professional judges of baseball skills go through when practicing their trade. (more…)