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Old, open book with a damaged cover.


Robert Kennedy told the New York Post that “not under any circumstances” would he run for president or vice president in 1968. He ended up reversing himself and entering the race against Vice President Hubert Humphrey for the Democratic nomination that culminated with his assassination in June 1968 in Los Angeles (more…)

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If you know, let us know. Send your responses to [email protected] or phone at (631) 749-1000, extension 18. (more…)

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12/27/16 11:00am
REPORTER FILE PHOTO Short-term rentals, many of them booked through online services, consumed much of the Town Board's time in 2016

REPORTER FILE PHOTO Short-term rentals, many of them booked through online services, consumed much of the Town Board’s time in 2016

The Town Board meets almost every Tuesday of the year in work sessions and presides over regular meetings about twice a month, taking on issues for discussion and drafting and voting on new legislation.

In 2016, the board aired concerns on, among other topics, preservation of the Island’s heritage and site plan review for new commercial ventures; crafted a budget for 2017; looked into the need — or not — of allocating extra funds for road paving; and discussed the short-term rental situation that consumed the board’s time and energy from early June and is still unresolved. (more…)

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06/11/16 3:00pm


Matter of proportion
To the Editor:
Each Memorial Day, I visit my father’s grave and the graves of three uncles at the Long Island National Cemetery. They all served in World War II. They told me how the Nazis would control our lives and how our ability to think and speak freely would be curtailed. Being an American was all about the freedom and liberty that every individual citizen is granted by our Bill of Rights and the Constitution — concepts worth defending. (more…)

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06/09/16 8:00am
JIM COLLIGAN PHOTO | St. Gabriel’s Chapel.

JIM COLLIGAN PHOTO St. Gabriel’s Chapel.

The discussion about trying to save St. Gabriel’s Chapel from the wrecking ball may have started at Town Board meetings. But the effort is emphatically not town-sponsored. Nor does the board have any plans to use the building if it’s preserved and moved. (more…)