04/19/12 12:51pm

Beverlea Walz Photo

These stalwart volunteers were at the Historical Society’s Havens House last week cutting down invasive vines and dead tree limbs. From the left Wyatt Fokine, Scott Murphy, Joe Hine, Dan Fokine, Steve Watrous, Chris Fokine, Janalyn Travis-Messer and Elizabeth and Bill Pedersen. Kevin Dunning, Howard Johansen, Craig Wood and Dan Binder also joined in the effort.

04/18/12 11:30pm

Beverlea Walz Photo

These 5th graders attended a graduation ceremony this month in the school auditorium, celebrating their completion of the D.A.R.E. program, led by the Shelter Island Police Department’s Officer Walter Richards. D.A.R.E., standing for Drug Abuse Resistance Education, helps students with the tools to avoid involvement with drugs and alcohol and has been offered on Shelter Island for many years.

03/15/12 10:00pm


Photographing animals in the wild was the subject of Jim Colligan’s presentation at the Women’s Community Club luncheon last week in Fellowship Hall at the Presbyterian Church. He used more than 70 photos from the National Geographic to illustrate his points as well as his own Shelter Island photos. An enthusiastic audience welcomed Jim Colligan back for an encore as guest speaker.