Editorial unfair

To the Editor:

I appreciate that our local paper reported that I am in the process of organizing a debate between the candidates for town supervisor and town council. But the editor wrote an editorial column stating that I could not be an impartial moderator. I feel that is an unfair assumption to write before the debate has even happened. 

I don’t have a problem with the newspaper editor having a point of view. I do have a problem with prejudging and indicting me that I am not capable of being an impartial umpire at the debate. I think her opinion as to whether or not I am a fair moderator, should be held until after the debate.

Island voters are smart enough and will judge for themselves whether I was fair or not. I am sure that Cara Loriz herself has a candidate that she endorses and will vote for on election day. Does that now mean that she is an unfair umpire and therefore incapable of reporting objectively going into this pivotal election?


Coalition for Sustainable Fish and Wildlife Habitat