Youth group honors

To the Editor:

It was an honor this past Sunday to emcee the Shelter Island Talent Show at Camp Quinipet, a benefit for the Shelter Island All Faith Youth Group. The singers, jugglers, dog trainers and dancers performed to a standing-room-only crowd in the “Grand Opera House.”

I was fortunate to be in the first Shelter Island All Faith Youth Group, started 25 years ago by Pastor Bill Grimbol. We had a lot of fun learning about ourselves and our peers through healthy, active, discussion groups in a relaxed, safe environment.

Pastor Bill shared with us the importance of ethics, community service, self esteem and how to have fun, for which we are all grateful. These life lessons stay with us and make us better people and more productive citizens. 

As Bill approaches his well-deserved retirement, it is reassuring to know that the Youth Group is being led by the outstanding Bryan Knipfing. His presence, enthusiasm and genuine interest in our young people are remarkable. I hope that one day my son will be lucky enough to be in Bryan’s group.

I am pleased to see that the town is interested in creating space in the new Youth Center for the All Faith Youth Group. It will be beneficial to our young people and to the entire community. 


Shelter Island