Quotation Puzzle 80

In this puzzle you are to fit the letters in each column into the
boxes directly above them, to form words. Once a letter is used,
cross it off the bottom of the diagram and do not use it again. A
black square indicates the end of a word. When the diagram is
filled in, you will be able to read a completed quotation 
across the boxes.

The Quotation Puzzle appears in alternating weeks with the
Laddergram puzzle. Mail your solution to: Puzzle Contest, P.O. Box
756, Shelter Island, New York 11964, put the date and time on it
and drop it off at the office or email it to
[email protected]. The first correct response received after 9
a.m. on Thursday will be listed in the paper and the
puzzler’s name entered in the end-of-the-year
drawing to win a subscription to the Reporter.
Pat Binder of Shelter Island still reigns supreme with this answer
to Quotation Puzzle #79 (but Barbara Clark was a close

“Take care of luxuries and the necessities will
take care of themselves.” Dorothy Parker

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