H1N1 vaccine now available

H1N1 vaccine now availableThe H1N1 (also known as “swine flu”) influenza vaccine is now available at Dr. Peter Kelt’s office. It costs $26, although the vaccine is covered by most insurance policies (including Medicare). An appointment isn’t necessary — just walk in. Only a small number of doses is available.

Drs. Christopher and Kathleen Marshall’s office hopes to receive the vaccine sometime this week or next.

The Suffolk County Health Department urges all high risk groups to get vaccinated. That includes anyone from 6 months to 24 years of age, caregivers of children younger than 6 months old, pregnant women, health care and emergency personnel, and people aged 25 to 64 who have health conditions, like emphysema and COPD, that are associated with higher risk of medical complications from influenza.

For more information about the H1N1 vaccine, call New York State’s 24-hour H1N1 hotline (1-800-808-1987) or visit