Record library opens today

The Esther Wayland Bennett Record Library, a new addition to the Shelter Island Public Library, will be opened to the public this morning. This new feature, made possible through the efforts of several Islanders and a number of recording companies, centers around symphonic selections and opera. • NOVEMBER 21, 1959


How many deer are seen?

One of the questions frequently asked by the unsuccessful hunter at our deer checking stations is,” Where are all the deer you DEC people say are in the woods?” This is particularly true during our occasional warm and snowless hunting seasons. There are many reasons for not seeing deer. During warm weather, for example, hunters tend to sit and let someone else drive the deer. During the day, deer are usually at rest, so they only move when pushed. Deer sign is not as readily recognized on bare ground as on snow. • NOVEMBER 22, 1984


Mosquito-borne encephalitis warning

“Nobody believed me,” Dr. Mahfouz Zaki was saying. Dr. Zaki, director of public health for Suffolk County since 1973, was speaking last week of the repeated warnings he made through the1970s, indeed, through his long tenure, about mosquito-borne encephalitis coming to Suffolk. In recent months, Dr. Zaki’s prediction has come true on Long Island and the rest of the New York metropolitan area. People and animals have become ill and died because of the West Nile encephalitis virus transmitted by mosquitoes. • NOVEMBER 18, 1999