Pharms’ Schmid scores year’s first 500 series

The week started with the Legionnaires taking on the Misfits. Perhaps the Legionnaires should change their name to the Rookies, since four of their bowlers are new to our league this year.

For the Misfits, Nick Ryan saved the night from being a total wash-out by picking up the 4-5-7 split the first game and leading his team to a 3-point win. The next two games belonged to the Legion, who took 8 points with only three bowlers present. It seems to me that the Legion has the Patron Saint of Bowling in their pocket as Saint Brunswick took Father Peter by the hand when he rolled 57 pins over his average in his 153 game. Rolling 119 pins over his series average, DeSanctis earned Bowler of the Week honors.

The Pharmaceuticals came to life this week taking all 11 points from the Holy Rollers. It looks like they put the hammer down. The Pharms rolled the high team series of the week of 3011. For the Pharms, Hans Schmid (that be me) rolled the high game of 185 and high series of 502. It may not be much in the real world of bowling, but at least it was the first 500 series of the year.

Teammate Stanley Beckwith rolled the third-high game of 163 and third-high series of 438. Randy Silvani picked up the 5-7 split. John Wilutis may have Sherri Surozenski’s number on the links, however when it comes to bowling she has his bowling man card in her pocket as their scores showed this week.

As quickly as the Clippers moved in to first place, they slid out with their bye this week making room for the Dory Terminators. The Terminators rolled the high team game of 1012 and took the Thunderballs for 8 points. For the Tballs Denny Clark rolled the second-high game of 175, while for the Terms’ BJ Volenski had the second-high series of 442 for the week. I am making a plea for Richie Surozenski to pay his team a visit to show them how to fill out that little white sheet and place it in the envelope. That way I don’t have to call in C.S.I. to find evidence of their bowling scores.

It appears that even after all the work that has been done to the lanes, scores have not jumped up this year. Could it be that the lanes hadn’t been resurfaced since the beginning of time and no one is used to them? I kind of miss the sound of the ball going down the lanes making the sound of “thump, thump, thump” as it hit every bump and loose board on its way to the pins. And then there is the new concept that the pins are placed on the spots each time and not haphazardly as in the past. I am sure that as the season goes on many bowlers will make this adjustment.

Dory Terminators 30 14 .682

Thunderballs 29 15 .659

Louie’s Clippers 27 17 .613

Holy Rollers 26 29 .472

Pharmaceuticals 21 34 .382

Misfits 17 27 .386

Legionnaires 15 29 .341