Stellar performance from Labrozzi

Ellie Labrozzi looks ready to attack some pins after earning Bowler of the Week.

Ellie Labrozzi didn’t “spare” a thing to become our Bowler of the Week. Her first game started with a turkey and ended with three open frames for a 187. The second game was a nearly perfect spare game with only two open frames for a 162. In the last game, Ellie got 10 marks with one open frame for a 213. I’ve never seen a higher score. Ellie took all weekly honors as well as all first places in all the honors for the year to date.

Paint by Numbers had to give Fabulous Five 2 marks to start. Norma Edwards got close to bagging a turkey and managed to be the only Fab to roll over average. Paints Donna Clark and Pam Jackson both were 30 pins over. Donna’s turkey brought her a 142 while Pam grabbed a 164. Fab Captain Betty Kontje inspired her team with her 9 extra pins. Donna Cass got a 157 and Jackie Brewer one- upped her with a 158. 

PbN captain Ginny Gibbs rolled a 146 with only Donna Clark following her leader with a 142 and a Paint win. Fab Norma Edwards rolled another 106 and just missed a patch for a triple score. Donna Clark had another high game with a 145. She had all three games in the 140s which helped her team to take all 11.

Spare Us was up next along with Lucky Strikes. Luck was not with the Strikes in the first game. All Spares bowled well over average. Liz Lechmanski got the 5-10 split in the eighth frame for a 123. Sue Klenawicus bagged an emu with four consecutive strikes for a 174, and Ellie Labrozzi got her high score of the night. Spare Bev Walz made many marks at the end of her game for a 125, while Ellie made many more. 

Strikes Alison Bevilacqua and Julie Fanelli brought the heat in the second game. Alison increased her pin fall steadily as Julie just missed a turkey but still managed a Lucky win. Alison gained more pins in the last game while Julie fell below her average. Sue kicked off the last game with a turkey and went mark for mark with Ellie. With only one open frame, Sue got a 191 and with Ellie’s 213, they took the last game. 

The Odd Balls gave 2 marks to the Rockettes. The ‘Ettes kept their lead and danced away with it. Fay Rodriguez-Walker was two open frames away from a nearly perfect spare game but still produced a 159. Teammate Sherri Surozenski also opened two frames and reached a 165 for a Rockette win. Captain Lynn Kay Winters tried to keep up the momentum with Sherri in the second game, but the rest of the team took a breather.

Lee Oliver and Kelly Michalak contributed some extra pins to the second game, but big spender Linda McCarthy guaranteed the Odd Ball win. OB Lee and her broken finger were knocking down some major wood in the last game, but the Rockettes formed a kick line and all the pins fell over like dominoes. Rockettes took the last game.

Brick Laying Babes were up against a wall in their first game with the Guttersnipes. Snipes pushed the Babes into the gutter while Cathy Driscoll and Captain Sue Warner each added 30 pins to their scores. Sue was two frames shy of a perfect spare game with a 179. Babe Captain Laura Marcello bagged a turkey in the second game while Lisa Goody added 8 extra pins to her game.

The Snipes rallied again, and this time Jan Warner jumped in on the action as well. Jan’s 139 and Sue’s 170 brought another win to the Snipes. Babe Lisa improved her game with a 138 score. Mary Ellen Gran and Sue raised the bar and took the win by 7 pins for the Guttersnipes.

Paint by Numbers 34 21

Guttersnipes 28 27

Brick Laying Babes 39 16

Odd Balls 34 21

Rockettes 23 32

Spare Us 22 33

Fabulous Five 25 30

Lucky Strikes 15 40