Osprey's Nest

Happy birthday to…

Daniele Nevel, Larry Lechmanski, Patricia McGayhey, Kristen Siller, Arelene Schulze Harris and Tommy Young on November 27. Doris Clark, Esther Anne Simovich, Karen Munkacsi, Billy Einsmann, Chris Evangelista and Sydney Campbell on November 28; David Clark, Jeanine Cullen, Mike DeMarsico Jr., Clayton Klenawicus, Wendy Janelle Robinson, Mary Faulkner and Beth DiPaola on November 29; Matt Dominy, Dr. Frank Chiaramonte and Ted Sullivan on November 30; Courtney Hardy and Morgan Ames, Jr. on December 1; and Candice King, Fran Duke, Ann McGayhey, Chloe Hayward and Jenifer Corwin on December 2.

Happy anniversary to…

Oops … seems there are no anniversaries to report this week. If any of our readers would like their anniversary mentioned here, please contact Diane at the Reporter, 749-1000, extension 16, or email [email protected].

In the small world department…

Edie Lechmanski appears in her signature Memorial Day flag shirt in a two-page center spread on Shelter Island that appeared this fall in the German language edition of the New York Times, published in Zurich.Roughly translated, the article, “A small escape from the Big Apple,” describes the Island as a natural paradise with “idyllic beaches” and “extremely friendly Islanders.” 

It notes that we don’t have a single stop light, let alone a movie house, but we enjoy the “beautiful country life” and have the perfect antidote to Manhattan. In the food and drink department, Bob’s Fish Market and Commander Cody’s are listed right up there with Vine Street and Sunset Beach. 

A friendly reminder…

Those of you who were lucky enough to purchase one of Bud Fox’s paintings that have been on exhibit at Town Hall this month should plan on picking them up before the end of the month. 

Each painting costs $50, and checks should be made out to “Make a Wish Foundation” and given or sent to Natalie Fox (P.O. Box 671 in the Heights; 749-0320).

What were we thinking!

Costumed preschoolers pictured on page 2 of the November 5 Reporter paid close attention to Police Officer Tom Cronin but a blond bumblebee on the photo’s far right didn’t get her name in the caption. She is Alexandria Burns.