Two times a charm for top bowler Gran

Mary Ellen Gran must have eaten her Wheaties. She has made Bowler of the Week again. Our Mary Ellen made her Snipes proud with three stellar games. In her first game, M.E. had a heavenly 168. In the second game, she had the high handicap game at 244, which was 71 pins over average. The ladies at the scoring table developed cramps in their hands from all the coloring they were doing. Mary Ellen had another soaring score of 144 in the last game. She took high handicap series with a 671, which was 152 pins over. Way to go, Mary Ellen.

It was three against three with the Rockettes vs. the Brick Laying Babes. The Babes had a 4-mark lead and laid out many marks at the beginning of the first game. Babe Traci Kannwischer added 20 pins to her usual game, but Sherri Surozenski and Fay Rodriguez-Walker both got 137s and took a Rockette win by 1 pin. 

Babe Captain Laura Marcello got her team moving with a hot 146. Both Traci and Lisa Goody got up into the 120s. ‘Ette Sherri was high stepping with a lofty 178. Nichole Thomas and Fay did a little backup for a Rockette win. Babe Laura rolled out another nice game with some help from Lisa. Fay’s 20 pins and Sherri’s 8 gave them a little boost to side-step the Babes for another Rockette win. 

The Fabulous Five took all 11 from the Odd Balls. OB Linda McCarthy had a respectable first game, while teammate Lee Oliver shot a nice 140. Fab Jackie Brewer went way over average with a 167 for the first win for the Fabs. In the second, Jackie Brewer was the only one able to beat her average. The pencil tips were blunt from all the coloring on the score sheet. OB Linda McCarthy grabbed some extra pins in the last game, but Fab Captain Betty Kontje and Jackie teamed up to finish the night.

The Guttersnipes had a 5-mark lead over Spare Us. The Snipes started out strong, but the Spares evened out the marks by the fifth frame. A few frames later, the Snipes returned to their lead for the win with Mary Ellen’s 167. Spare Liz Lechmanski had some nice marks for a 128, as did teammate Cheryl Pensa with a 161.

Things were looking good for Spare Us, but they were even better for the Snipes. All four ladies bowled over their averages. Archer Brown gunned down an extra 38 pins to help Mary Ellen’s 186. In the last game, M.E. had her 144 to add to Archer’s 40-pins-over-game. Too bad Sue Klenawicus and Ellie Labrozzi decided to sack the spares and go for strikes. Sue raked in a hot 193 while Ellie had a flaming 211. Ellie took high scratch honors for the week with this game. Spare Us took weekly honors for the last game as well as the win. 

Paint by Numbers gave the Lucky Strikes 8 marks to start. Strike Alison Bevilacqua added 10 pins to her first game, but the rest of her team left her high and dry. Linda Springer tossed in a few extra pins, but Ginny Gibbs was the real hero with a 161 for a Paint win. Lucky Erica Tome picked up some nice spares for a 125. She was the only one on her team to beat her average.

PbN swooped in for the kill. With Ginny’s 146 and Linda’s 156, the sisters took the second game easily. The Paints dropped the ball on the last game. Lucky Captain Julie Fanelli turned the last game around. She was the one person to make her average, taking the last game for her Strikes. 

Paint by Numbers 53 24

Guttersnipes 46 31

Rockettes 42 35

Brick Laying Babes 39 38

Odd Balls 37 40

Fabulous Five 36 41

Spare Us 34 43

Lucky Strikes 21 56