Fabulous Cass makes bowler of the week Week 8 Standings

Front and center, bowler of the week Donna Cass, backed by the other four of the Fabulous Five: Jackie Brewer, Betty Kontje, Essie Simovich and Norma Edwards.

Don’t call it a comeback; she’s been here for years. This Fabulous lady started on high heat and then kept her game simmering until the end. Donna Cass kept the score sheets full of lead with her awesome 168 to start off the night. She dropped it down nine pins in the second game for an equally hot 159. Bringing it down to a simmering 146 in the last game assured her team the win, as well as Donna’s solid position as our Bowler of the Week. 

Brick Laying Babe Tracy Gibbs returned to bowling, starting the night with two poults for a 156 against Paint by Numbers. Ginny Gibbs and Pam Jackson both bowled close to 30 pins over average and took the first game for themselves and Paint by Numbers. Pam was on a roll in the second game when she started hitting all spares. She almost made it to the end that way, but opened in the sixth, seventh and eighth frames. Captain Laura Marcello picked up quite a few marks for a 144. With some help from Tracy, the Babes took the second game. Paint Linda Springer bagged a turkey in the last game for a 181. Brick Laying Babes decided teamwork was called for. They all rolled over their averages and took the last game. 

The Odd Balls sent out a cry for help early in the first game. Not one of them could reach their average against the Guttersnipes. Snipes Archer Brown and Jan Warner each shot an extra 24 pins for the win. Archer had a very nice second game with 4 strikes. Mary Ellen Gran tried for a turkey in the10th, but fell 1 pin shy. OB Captain Stephanie Tybaert and Linda McCarthy picked up a lot of marks. Stephanie’s 139 and Linda’s 158 assured the OBs the win. Linda broke her average again in the third game; unfortunately, she was the only Odd Ball who did. Likewise, Archer was the only Snipe to do the same. Archer and Sue Warner were able to take the last game for their Snipes. 

Rockettes Sherri Surozenski and Nichole Thomas danced away with a 153 and 123 respectively in the first game. Spare Us didn’t break any records, but they managed to take the first game anyway. Spare Us lost some ground in the second game, but ’Ettes Sherri and Nichole continued to dance their way to a win. Spare Sue Klenawicus got a poult in the last game for a 137. Teammate Cheryl Pensa was not far behind with a 131. Sherri dropped out of the dance to give Nichole the spotlight for a 154 and another Rockette win.

It was the veterans versus the new kids when the Fabulous Five schooled the Lucky Strikes. Lucky Erica Tome hit a high 126 score in the first game. Fab Captain Betty Kontje also reached the 120s. Her extra 28 pins combined with Essie Simovich’s 181 and Donna’s 168 propelled them into the win. In the second game, Donna and Essie had matching 159s. Lucky Julie Fanelli had a 139 that brought her team the second game win. Captain Alison Bevilacqua added 25 pins to her score to help Julie, but the Fabs showed the Strikes how to play the game. Betty was 5 over, Donna was 11, and Norma Edwards threw in an extra 32 pins for a Fabulous win. 

Paint by Numbers 57 31

Guttersnipes 53 35

Rockettes 50 38

Brick Laying Babes 46 42

Fabulous Five 44 44

Odd Balls 41 47

Spare Us 37 51

Lucky Strikes 24 64