Justice Hall to reopen Monday

Justice Court clerk Beverly Pelletier discusses the ongoing renovations with Charles Murray as Nick Ryan continues work. 

Renovations to the Town of Shelter Island Justice Hall began on October 8 and are nearly complete. Public Works Commissioner Mark Ketcham said this week that the space will be usable, although not completely finished, by the Monday November 14 session of Justice Court.

The project is slightly behind schedule, primarily due to the discovery of a second layer of asbestos tiles beneath the first layer of flooring. The removal of these additional tiles added time and expense to the renovations. Furthermore, sections of the wall behind the large maps had to be patched. The town has paid for the asbestos removal and painting, while carpentry work on judge’s, jury and witness boxes is covered by a State Court Administration grant.

A new oak floor is getting a final sanding and coat of varnish this week. Town employees will set up for Monday’s court session over the weekend.

Then all that will remain to be completed is the detailed woodworking on the judge’s bench. “We’ve got to make sure it looks nice,” said Mr. Ketcham, so it can be “something we can be proud of.”