Mild temps, high surf in November

Once we get past October’s bright blue weather, we must expect a change. It comes every year. November is most often a stormy month. That is, a rough and high Atlantic, beach erosion with homes damaged and often boats and ships ashore by mid-month.

Our fall weather was nice until mid-month, when on the 12th a three-day northeaster blew through our eastern Long Island’s land and waters. High tides and beach erosion were the pattern for three days. Many went to see the washed out beach and high surf. From the dunes to the outer bar the ocean surf was white. Such was the turmoil of waves at shore-side.

It was in the 60s on seven days during the past November. Sixty-three degrees on the 12th was the last warm day. The first cold night was on the 7th when the thermometer fell to 27 degrees. The 7th was the only night in November when it was lower than 32 degrees, the freezing mark.

Yes, November temperatures were on the mild side. Measurable rain fell on 10 days. Heaviest was during the 13th and 14th when there was 1.7 inches. Total for November was 3.11 inches. This is well below average rainfall for a November month, as the long-term average for rainfall total is over 3 1/2 inches. Fog was with us on two days and thunder once, on the 23rd. Strong winds, that is 40 mph and over, were recorded on the 12th, 13th and 14th.

Recorded were 8 clear, 8 partly cloudy and 14 cloudy days. Thunder was recorded at 6:45 a.m., Monday the 23rd. From now on, there shall be a greater number of cloudy days and also more days with our winds from the northeast and of a higher velocity. 

In December, with its strong, gusty winds from the northeast and high tides, there will be, at times, more severe beach erosion on eastern Long Island. Our fine quartz sand beaches move landward with each easterly gale, sometimes a few inches and more often by more than a few feet. Our extremely slow rise to a warmer atmosphere is the reason.

I do not know how much snow we shall have — if any — before Christmas. But I hope nature will give ample snow for the young folks. Remember, you were a kid once! You will not read my weather summary for the year until after the “New Year,” so, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!