Thunder rolls, King and Beckwith reign

Here’s a twofer – two weeks worth of bowling results – to getyou through the holiday break.

Competition began with the top two teams facing off. TheClippers held first place by a mere 1 point over the Thunderballs.It was not a night to be remembered for the Clips as the Tballsrolled for the high team game of 1025 and high team series of3,002. The Tballs came away with an 8-point win, putting them intofirst place. Denny Clark rolled the third- high game of 183 andsecond-high series of 522.

It’s never a good sign when I get a Terminators score sheetcrumbled up to the point where it is almost unreadable. ThanksDave. The sign was there as the Terminators dropped all 11 pointsto the Holy Rollers. At least Butch Labrozzi came to bowl for theTerms with the second-high game of 191 and third-high series of475. Its looks like John Wilutis has been taking bowling lessonsfrom Sherri. The Rollers did roll the third-high team series of2,847.

In the match between the Misfits and the Legionnaires, theMisfits were the 8-point winners. Even Father Peter could not savethe night for the rookies.

And finally to end the position- week round, we had thePharmaceuticals with no witnesses bowling for their average forpoints. They finally found someone that they can beat taking all 11points. With no pressure, Stanley Beckwith was red hot that night.Stan rolled the high game of 207 (66 pins over average) and thehigh series of 524 (101 pins over average). Stanley earned Bowlerof the Week honors. Too bad the Pharms couldn’t save theirsecond-high team game of 1,014 and second-high series of 2,942 forwhen they bowled a real team.

Week 9 brings us to the week of the Christmas ham. As fate andthe schedule has it, the Tballs and Clips matched up again. Onceagain the Tballs stuck it to the Clips with an 8-point win. TheTballs rolled the high team game of 1,062 and high team series of3,106. Bob Reylek rolled the second-high game of 198 while teammateDenny Clark rolled the third-high game of 193 and high series of526. Al Brigham with his 189 game rolled 71 pins over his average.For the Clips, Kevin Lechmanski rolled the high game of 204 helpinghis team to roll the second-high team game of 1,032.

And again this week it was the Rollers and the Terms. Thedifference this week was that the Terms were able to salvage atleast 3 points in their 8-point loss to the Rollers. Snips Parsonsgave the ham a run by rolling 78 pins over his average – close butno cigar snips. For the Terms, Mike Reiter rolled the third-highseries of 490.

The Misfits ended the week taking down the Pharms with an11-point win. It was a fine time for Tim King to get hot. WithTim’s third-high series of 499, he rolled 100 pins over hisaverage. Not only did he earn Bowler of the Week honors, but alsothe Christmas ham that will be waiting for his pickup at Fedi’s.Sadly I must add that I probably had the low game of the week withmy 76.

The Legionnaires had the week off, perhaps to lick theirwounds.

To all a happy holiday and a happy and safe New Year’s.

Thunderballs 64 24 .727

Louie’s Clippers 55 33 .625

Holy Rollers 45 43 .511

Dory Terminators 44 44 .500

Misfits 42 46 .477

Pharmaceuticals 32 56 .364

Legionnaires 26 51 .338