December ‘09: A record breaker

December closed the year with a record-breaking snowfall. 

In all weather records back to 1900, we have none of a 25-inch snowstorm with 40-plus mile per hour winds, making 5-foot drifts in December “before Christmas.”

If this storm occurred in the days of horse and sleigh, all would have been locked up behind the barn doors.

The coldest temperature recorded in our December was 16 degrees on the 18th and the 29th. The warmest day was 65 degrees on the 3rd.

Winds of 25 miles per hour blew on 12 days. There were 15 clear, 4 partly cloudy and 12 cloudy days. The total precipitation in December was 8.31 inches.

Don’t know what the rest of winter will bring. I remember when every fresh water pond had an ice house. Ice was cut into large blocks and put in the ice house for summer use. The ice sold at $12.00 a ton — or more. Sometimes someone fell in! Grandpa and his brother had an ice house, as did many others. Well-to-do folks had their own ice houses. The use of ice houses ceased when electric refrigeration arrived. 

Global warming began well over hundreds of years ago, slowly but inevitably.

Happy New Year to all!