Intersection warnings studied

A complete traffic survey, with emphasis on warning signs at intersections, has been completed by the Highway Commission, the Superintendent of Highways and all constables. The main purpose of the survey is to determine at which intersections “Stop” signs might be replaced with “Yield” signs, and vice versa. A good example of where a yield sign is of greater advantage than a stop was demonstrated in a recent ice and snow storm when an auto, coming to a full stop at the intersection of West Neck Road and Route 114, was clobbered so badly in a broadside collision that it wound up in the dump. • JANUARY 23, 1960


Island bears up to winter’s chill

Winter hit the Island hard last week as temperatures dropped far below freezing, and a snowstorm dumped six inches of snow on the landscape on Thursday. Superintendent of Highways Frank Klenawicus had the snowplows out working until 10 p.m. Thursday. Sunday brought a blast of frigid arctic air which by Tuesday had created ice floes at the South Ferry crossing. • JANUARY 24, 1985


Plum Island plan gets thumbs down

Two meetings on Shelter Island focused last week on the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s proposal to expand its research facility on Plum Island to include work on infectious diseases, especially those used in biological warfare. In both meetings, Islanders registered concern over the public health implications of such a move. • JANUARY 20, 2000