Wades Beach hazard

To the Editor:

I recently went for a walk along Wades Beach and was shocked to see so much dog feces littering the sandy shore. If it were a little darker outside, I’m certain I would have been unable to avoid taking a substantial sample of it home on the bottom of my shoes. Although I rarely complain, the condition I observed at the beach calls for some type of civic action by anyone who has any pride in the area in which they reside.

It’s well established that a deteriorating neighborhood sends out a message that the type of behavior that caused the deterioration is acceptable. As a result, the situation grows worse. On my walk, there were four separate dog walkers, and I didn’t observe one device used for cleaning up after their animals. Apparently, it’s reached the point where many citizens don’t care about a filthy beach during the winter months. 

I’ve notified the town supervisor of my concern and requested that he or other town officials effect some action that can remedy this problem. I would hate to think that there could be a beach on beautiful Shelter Island where, some day, people might say “stay away from there, it’s disgusting.”