Four tickets, two accidents reported

Timothy F. Abrams, 49, of Southold was driving on North FerryRoad on January 16 when he was stopped by police and ticketed foroperating a vehicle without taillights.

On January 20, Emma A. Goodale, 18, of South Vienna, Ohio wasstopped on Manwaring Road and given summonses for aggravatedunlicensed operation and for driving an unregistered vehicle.

Leslie A. Feldman, 50, of Shelter Island was ticketed on St.Mary’s Road on January 24 for driving without brake lights.


Bethany Lynn Notley of Shelter Island was headed northbound onNorth Midway Road on January 21 when she hit a deer, causingextensive damage to the front end of her vehicle. The deer waskilled on impact. Damage was estimated at over $1,000.

On January 25, Daniel B. Rasmussen of Shelter Island reportedthat he was backing out of a Bella Vita parking space when he hitthe rear wheel-well of a vehicle belonging to J. A.Hernandez-Guevara, causing minor (under $1,000) damage.


A case of criminal mischief (windshield damage) in the Centerwas reported to police on January 19.

Police were informed about an ongoing dispute in the Center onJanuary 20.

An anonymous caller told police about gunshots in Hay Beach onJanuary 22; the area was patrolled but no hunters were located. OnJanuary 24, police received two gunshot reports, one in the Centerand the second in Silver Beach. Police patrolled the Center areawith negative results. Two people were located in Silver Beachtesting a new shotgun for “pattern and workability.

A caller told police about an open burning at a Center residenceon January 22. The owner was told to extinguish the fire andadvised about the town’s open burning regulations.

Police responded to a domestic dispute in Menantic on January22.

An anonymous caller reported on January 23 that trees were beingcut down near a wetlands area in Hay Beach. Police found workerscutting up small trees from a resident’s backyard. No problems werenoted.

A caller reported an open window at a Heights residence onJanuary 23. Police checked the premises, which had been closed downfor the winter, and found no sign of any criminal activity. Policeclosed the window.

A caller told police on January 23 that loud music and a”strange noise were coming from a Heights residence. Althoughpolice did not report hearing any noise, the tenant was advised tokeep the level to a minimum.

Police received a report on January 25 about a downed treeresting on power lines in the Center. Police tape was placed aroundthe area and LIPA notified.

An arcing wire filled a Center building with smoke on January25. The Shelter Island Fire Department responded and the occupantswere evacuated. LIPA arrived on site to cut the power and repairwiring.

An extra patrol was requested for a Center residence on January25.

The SIFD responded to an automatic fire alarm on January 19 inthe West Neck area. The alarm had been set off by workers on thepremises.


Shelter Island Red Cross ambulance teams transported two aidedcases to Eastern Long Island Hospital on January 21 and 24.