Two-timing Traci takes Bowler of the Week Team Won Lost

With the long drive ahead of her, Traci Kannwischer still had tons of energy to become our Bowler of the Week for a second time. Traci picked up half her spares in the first game as a warm-up for a 125 score. She hit a nice stride in the second game where she came so close to two turkeys, they almost bit her. With only three open frames Traci pulled in a 161. Cooling down in the last game, the mileage queen made a simple 123 for 409 total wood. Her high handicap series was 595, 76 pins over average.

The Lucky Strikes forfeited to Fabulous Five. Julie Fanelli, the sole Strike, bowled for her average, which she was able to raise. Fab Captain Betty Kontje had all three games over average with the highest being a 148 in the first game. Norma Edwards improved her average with a poult for a 136 second game. Halfway through the second game Jackie Brewer bagged a turkey and then finished Dutch for a 191.

Paint by Numbers players each got 4 marks which brought them all into the 120s. Captain Laura Marcello had three open frames and also made the 5-7 split in the first game for a Babe win. Pam Jackson had a double strike and three open frames for a 167 in the second game. Traci was aided by Laura and Tracy Gibbs’ poults as well as Tracy’s double spare double strike. Laura had a 182 and Tracy a 189. In the last game Tracy rolled her average as Traci outdid herself yet again. Donna rolled herself another 118 while Pam bagged a poult for a 157 and a PbN win.

Odd Ball Kelly Michalak kept her team rolling with a 131, but Cathy Driscoll and Jan Warner shot over their averages for a Guttersnipe win by 3 pins. The Odd Balls tried their hardest in the second game. All three were over average. Bev Pelletier was the show-stopper with her poult for a 140. The Snipes returned in kind with an extra surprise from Sue Warner with a 200. OB Captain Stephanie Tybaert was one pin short of a turkey in the10th, but still got a 121. For the Snipes, Archer Brown doubled up on spares for a 111 and Mary Ellen Gran tossed in a couple of extra pins for an easy 123. Jan went Dutch for a 143 and Sue opened one frame for a 180 and a Guttersnipe hat trick.

Momma P. came back to the lanes with Spare Us. A new handicap brought Spare Us ahead with 6 marks. The Rockettes had a hard time overcoming that. Nichole Thomas had sore shoulders at the end of the first game from trying to carry her team. The Rockettes lost the first game scratch by 10 pins. Sherri Surozenski picked up 6 spares for a 136 while Liz Lechmanski got a nice 141. Ellie Labrozzi got 4 spares in a row for a 158 and a Spare win. Lynn Kay Winters doubled up on marks for a 122. Sue Klenawicus had all three games over average ending with a 148. The ‘Ettes won the last game scratch, but the handicap brought the Spares ahead by 22 pins. 

We have reached the half way mark of the season. Keep those balls rolling, ladies!

Week 15 standings

Paint by Numbers 100 65

Guttersnipes 96.5 68.5

Brick Laying Babes 94 77

Rockettes 91.5 73.5

Fabulous Five 91 74

Spare Us 82 83

Lucky Strikes 58 107

Odd Balls 51 114