Brown and Fanelli earn honors at season’s half COLUMNIST

We have now begun the second half of the bowling season. Guttersnipe Archer Brown and Julie Fanelli of the Lucky Strikes were our 16th and 17th Bowlers of the Week, respectively.

Archer had a turkey in her first game with assorted spares for a 164. She had the little house in the second game with a 111, and doubled up on strikes in the last game for a 106. Archer was 66 pins over average for her first game, and 87 pins total for her series.

Julie went Dutch in the first game for a 153. Doubling up on spares and almost bagging a turkey in the 10th, Julie had a 124. Her last game came in at 118 with double spares again. Julie was 83 pins over her series with a high handicap series of 599. 

Essie Simovich started with a poult and ended with a pair of double strikes for a Fabulous 174. Donna Cass followed with some doubles of her own for a 154.

In the second game of Week 16, Donna took the lead with only one open frame for a 189. With three open, Essie trailed with a 159. Essie kept her scores high with 4 marks in the last three frames for a 151 and 3 points for Fab Five.

The following week, Essie started with strikes and ended with spares for a 153. Donna opened and closed Dutch with a 5-10 split in the tenth for a 148. Donna went double strike, double spare in the second game for a 156. Jackie Brewer tried for a turkey but missed one pin, only to pick it up with her second throw for a 154. In the last game, the Fabulous Five couldn’t get their pins to fall and they lost all 11 points.

Odd Ball Captain Stephanie Tybaert led her team to victory with a Dutch 126 in the first game. Kelly Michalak picked up a lot of spares for a 145. Linda McCarthy got a pin boost with a 112 to match Kelly, while Bev Pelletier had the high in the second game with a 122. Kelly had double strikes and spares for a 148 in the third game. Bev tried for a turkey in the tenth, but fell shy with a 115. The Odd Balls took 6.

A week later, Steph and Bev were the only Odd Balls to bowl. Steph just missed a turkey in the first game, but still got a 136. Bev increased her score with each game and ended the night with a 111. Steph almost turkeyed in the tenth of the third game; Odd Balls lost all 11.

Brick Laying Babe Laura Marcello got her team moving in Week 16. She went Dutch for a 137 in the first game, while Tracy Gibbs turkeyed in the tenth for a 181. Dara Clark added an extra 11 pins to her second game for a 112. Laura doubled on strikes and spares and finished with 4 spares in a row for 169. In the third game, Traci Kannwischer had double strikes for a 143.

Week 17 brought two great games to the Babes. In the first game, Dara and her double spares paved the way with a 131. Laura missed her turkey in the tenth but still had a nice 149. Traci had one open frame for a 172. The Babes fell short of their averages in the second game but came back with a strong finish. Tracy had a poult, double strikes, and was 3 pins shy of striking out in the tenth for a 182. Lisa Goody had a turkey and three open frames for a 195.

Pam Jackson kept the Paint by Numbers floating with her high 160 in the first game of Week 16. Ginny Gibbs followed in the second game with 5 spares for a 153. Linda Springer was not far behind with a poult and a 127. In the third game, Linda and Ginny both had easy scores of 123. Mary Kanarvogel added 24 pins to her average.

Week 17 brought 8 points to the Paints. Donna Clark had a strong finish to her first game giving her a 125. Pam Jackson almost had a turkey with a 127. Linda opened the second game with a poult for a 141 while Donna and Pam both had four open frames with scores in the 150s. Ginny brought home 4 spares for a 142 and Pam had another 158 in the third game.

Archer and the Guttersnipes ruled the alleys during their two weeks. Captain Sue Warner had a poult and a turkey for a 168 in the first game. Cathy Driscoll and Archer switched averages in the second game. In the last game, Cathy had a poult for a 129 and Sue had a poult sandwich with two open frames for a 166.

Mary Ellen Gran started the next week with double strikes and spares for a 129. Sue had two open frames and was 1 pin shy of a strike out with a 196. Sue went Dutch in the second game and had two open frames in the third for a 158 and a 156 respectively.

The Rockettes evened things out by taking 11 points in two weeks. Captain Lynn Kay Martin had three above-average games, with four open frames in the third for a 138. Sherri Surozenski started with a poult for 150 and ended with a turkey for 156. Nichole Thomas hit her high in the second game with double strikes and spares for a 154.

The ‘Ettes had a strong start with three poults for a 130, 138 and 145 for Lynn Kay, Sherri and Nichole respectively. Sherri made a 2-10 split in the second game. Lynn Kay had twin scores of 102 for the last two games. Nichole went with doubles for two more over-average games.

All 11 went to Spare Us in Week 16. Liz Lechmanski was 1 pin shy of a strike-out in her third game for a 159. Momma P. raised her average by getting more than 10 pins over in all three games. Sue Klenawicus started the night with 4 spares for a 143 and followed up with three open frames in the second game for a 154. Ellie Labrozzi started Dutch in the second game and ended with a poult sandwich in the third for 172 and 175 respectively.

Liz had double strikes and spares to begin the next week with a 134. Momma P. had another over-average week bringing her into the triple digits. Sue kept adding 30 pins to her scores starting with a 128, then a 160 with a poult, trailed by 190 with a turkey. Ellie found no fowl but did find twin 171s for the second and third games.

The Lucky Strikes had to forfeit Week 16, but when they showed up the next week they took all 11. Alison Bevilacqua and Julie Fanelli bowled all three games over average. Alison added 14 pins to her first game, dipped down to a 91, and then returned with a 20 pin overage in the third game.

Guttersnipes 118.5 68.5

Brick Laying Babes 107.0 80.0

Paint by Numbers 104.0 83.0

Rockettes 102.5 84.5

Spare Us 96.0 91.0

Fabulous Five 94.0 93.0

Lucky Strikes 69.0 118.0

Odd Balls 57.0 130.0