4 tickets during mid-winter lull

Alexandra Monti, 19, of Shelter Island was driving on SouthFerry Road on February 16 when she was ticketed for speeding – 61mph in a 40-mph zone.

Also on the 16th, Jesus Antoni Grajales Davila, 45, ofBaltimore, Maryland was given a speeding ticket on South Ferry Road- 51 mph in the 40-mph zone.

Zina Glazebrook, 60, of Shelter Island was on Robin Lane onFebruary 17 when she was given two summonses for driving with asuspended license and a suspended registration. Police removed theplates from the vehicle.


William A. Anderson III reported on February 20 that he wasdriving on Shore Road in West Neck when he hit a deer. Damage tothe right front blinker light assembly was estimated at under$1,000. The deer was killed in impact.


Town, Heights and Dering Harbor highway staff were notifiedabout slippery conditions due to light snow on February 16. Laterin the day, hazardous road conditions were reported because of snowand ice.

Cablevision was notified when a downed wire in Hay Beach wasreported on February 16.

Police responded to a business dispute in the Center on February16.

A caller reported on February 19 that a quad was being driven ona field in the Center. The youth riding the quad and the parentswere advised that the property was off limits.

Police investigated a dispute regarding ownership of a vehicleon February 19.

A low-hanging wire on a property on Ram Island was reported onFebruary 19. Police and a passer-by tied the lines back up to thehouse. The owner could not be notified because the phone had beendisconnected.

On February 20, a sinkhole on South Midway Road was reported tothe Highway Department as a road hazard.

A hunter was reported in the Hay Beach area on February 20.Police were unable to locate the person.

On February 22 a caller told police that a LIPA crew had damagedhis car while it was parked in the Heights. According to the policereport, the crew apparently was hanging wire, which appeared tohave been dragged over the top of the caller’s car while beingraised up. There were scratches to the roof, trunk lid, right sideand front hood area. Police planned to follow up with LIPA.

Gunshots were reported in Hay Beach on February 22. Policeresponded and located a participant in the nuisance huntprogram.

A burglary alarm was activated on February 22 at a Dering Harborresidence. An employee was on the premises and no problems werenoted.


Shelter Island Red Cross ambulance teams transported four aidedcases to Eastern Long Island Hospital on February 19, 21 and22.