Police: Icy roads, some flooding in storm aftermath

A motorist was given three summonses on January 21 near the intersection of North Ferry and West Neck roads: failure to stop at a stop sign, unlicensed operation and speeding — 45 mph in a 35-mph zone.


Two deer-related accidents were reported during the week.

Linda Tetreault of Shelter Island was driving northbound on North Ferry Road on February 1 when she hit a deer. The amount of damage, not indicated at the time of the accident, was estimated to be minor. The deer was not located.

On February 4, Kevin D. Foote of Mattituck was traveling north on North Ferry Road when a deer ran onto the roadway and into the side of his vehicle, causing over $1,000 in damage to the right front passenger door.

Other reports

Police on patrol on February 1 reported hazardous conditions on roads in Menantic, and the Shelter Island Highway Department was notified.

For information purposes, a driver reported damage to a vehicle not related to a motor vehicle accident on February 1.

Police opened an investigation into drugs on February 1. A second drug investigation was initiated on February 7.

The sound of gunshots in Hay Beach was reported on February 2. The area was canvassed with negative results. A second, anonymous, call about gunshots was also investigated on that day with the same results.

Police notified the Town, Heights and Village of Dering Harbor Highway Departments about icy roadways on February 2, and on the same day assisted the Town Highway Department with traffic control while a road drain was cleared in the Center. Also on February 2, the SIHD responded to a police report of a flooded roadway in the Heights, caused by a clogged drain.

Police helped to remove a vehicle stuck in the snow in West Neck on February 2.

Police responded to an aided case at the Shelter Island School on February 2 and subsequently investigated a juvenile incident.

Police opened a criminal investigation involving the Internet on February 2.

A homeowner was advised to move a vehicle from a Center roadway on February 3 due to a snow advisory.

On February 3 police followed up on a report that a vehicle marked “Taxi” but without proper license plates was headed towards the North Ferry. The area was checked but the vehicle was not located.

Police followed up on concerns involving a domestic/juvenile case on February 3.

The driver of a disabled vehicle in Westmoreland was assisted on February 3.

A Harbor View caller reported two dogs at large on her property on February 3. When police arrived, the owner was walking the dogs back home where they had gotten loose.

Police responded to a call on February 4 regarding an Internet issue; the caller was advised that the information provided was not criminal in nature.

On February 4, a caller reported a concern regarding a domestic matter.

A burglary at a West Neck residence was reported on February 4. A separate burglary report in the West Neck area was called in on the same day.

Turkeys were reported blocking a roadway in South Ferry Hills on February 6. They were moved from the roadway.

A caller reported a possible suspicious person in the Center on February 7. According to the police, the report was unfounded.

An injured deer was reported on the side of a Center roadway. It was gone when police arrived.

The Shelter Island Fire Department responded to an automatic fire alarm at a residence in West Neck on February 3. It was set off by a kerosene heater.

Aided cases

Shelter Island Red Cross ambulance teams transported three aided cases to Eastern Long Island Hospital, on February 2, 3 and 5.