GBCC: Two holes-in-one bookend a busy week

LEIGH NOTLEY PHOTOS | Twelve-year-old Cole Colby sunk a hole-in-one on the 4th tee at Gardiner’s Bay Country Club last week.

The cup runneth over with excitement and golf balls at Gardiner’s Bay Country Club this week.

It all began last Wednesday during the Senior/Junior Tournament. Twelve-year-old Cole Colby stood transfixed on our fourth tee — you know it, the hole with the pond — his piercing stare intently monitoring his golf ball’s flight. It soared from his crisply struck five iron and sailed through the stratosphere on a bee-line for the stick: the flag-stick, that is! One bounce, two bounces and into the cup it went! It was his first hole-in-one. May it be the start of many. Cole, congratulations!

The Senior/Junior Tournament had a great turnout this year with many adults playing with kids whose ages ranged from seven to 17. This year, first place went to Jay Card, Halsey Quinn, Matt Feinstein and Eric Ivers with a step-aside scramble 32. Taking second place, with a 34 and a match of cards, was John Colby, Sam Sessa, Brian Feinstein and Jack Ryan. Woody Fischer, Myles Clark, Shea Dailey and Marnie Colby took third.

Thank you to everyone, members and guests, who came out to play in the Senior/Junior Tournament. We look forward to seeing you all play in the tournament again next year.

The following day we hosted the East End Junior Inter-Club matches. Our juniors have been blitzing the fields every week and this week was no exception as Brendan Shea (38), Sean Quinn (42) and Myles Clark (44) led the team with solid performances and another team win. Now we’re 4 for 6!

A few days later, Jerry Jetter shot a hole-in-one on the 9th.

The Gardiner’s Bay Ryder Cup matches, our most eagerly awaited mixed-member tournament, had the misfortune of being held on Sunday morning. After a very dry July, all the rain on the plain in Spain appeared on Shelter Island on Sunday morning. The greens became waterlogged but the intrepid competitors made it through a stop-and-start nine holes. The results to be taken forward to August 27 are: 11964, 5 points; 11965, 3 points. Thank you to the teammembers who gallantly and valiantly fought to the soggy death.

Preparing for the Club Championships, the Ladies 18 holers played match play on Tuesday and will practice this weekend and next. They are divided into two teams. Fourteen ladies representing the blue team battled against the other 14 from the white team. Christina Nemeth shot 85 gross, a fantastic performance, and Fran Gottfried made 2 twos, which is rare. The blue team edged out the white team 7.5-6.5. Well played, ladies.

Last Tuesday, Chance Scheffing (my assistant) and I sprinted over to Shelter Island Country Club to join the group scramble that ventures out onto the fairways in the late afternoon. We wanted to break the record! The bar had been set a month ago when the group had shot 25 with a couple of pros from The Bridge. That was all Chance and I needed to know.

On the ninth green, with the sun setting, Lyndy Edwards holed a 25-footer for our group to shoot 23. Personally I believe this might stand for a while. Thank you to the group and to Shelter Island Country Club for being wonderful hosts.

Finally and unbelievably, we had a second hole-in-one to bookend the week. Jerry Jetter, playing the first eight holes solo, had Ben Jones join him on the 9th tee. Jerry promptly struck into the cup with a 6 iron. Our ambulance man Ben nearly had to resuscitate Mr. Jetter on the tee box. Well done, Jerry!