Police: Four arrests top blotter, two for DWI

Carl J. Krolikiewicz, 71, of Shelter Island was arrested on Friday, August 19 at about 3:30 p.m. and charged with two counts of harassment in the 2nd degree and criminal trespass in the 3rd degree. He was arraigned in Shelter Island Justice Court, Judge Helen J. Rosenblum presiding, and remanded to Suffolk County Jail.

Following an investigation of property damage caused by a driver who left the scene of the accidents, police located a vehicle with extensive damage and arrested Peter H. Warny, 21, of Port Washington on Sunday, August 21 at 7:30 a.m. He was charged with leaving the scene of two accidents after causing property damage. He was released on station house bail of $200.

Parag V. Vora, 33, of Yardley, Pennsylvania was stopped for speeding on North Ferry Road and subsequently was arrested on Sunday, August 21 at 12:52 a.m. on a charge of driving while intoxicated.

Mr. Vora was arraigned in Justice Court in front of Judge Rosenblum and released on $1,000 bail.

On Sunday, August 21 at 3:32 a.m., John Sheppard, 57, of Wading River was stopped by police for speeding (48 mph in a 25-mph zone), for failure to keep to the right, for driving a vehicle without rear lights and for not wearing a seatbelt. He was subsequently placed under arrest on West Neck Road for DWI. Mr. Sheppard was transported to Eastern Long Island Hospital for injuries caused when he exited his vehicle. He was treated and released and then arraigned in Justice Court, Judge Rosenblum presiding, and released on $750 bail.


Zoe R. Belkin of New York City was backing up on Shore Road in West Neck on August 21 when she hit a vehicle driven by Eva K. Lewis of Shelter Island. There was minor damage to the left front quarter panel of Ms. Lewis’ vehicle and minor damage to the rear bumper of Ms. Belkin’s vehicle. Ms. Belkin, 24, was given a summons for operating an uninspected vehicle.

On August 20, Susan L. McCarthy of Deer Park was riding a motorcycle when she failed to negotiate a turn and drove through a privet hedgerow on Summerfield Place. There were minor scratches on the motorcycle and no injuries reported.

On August 21, Alan R. Shaw of Shelter Island was dropping off a passenger at North Ferry when the passenger opened her door and it hit a vehicle driven by Christina M. Donck-Guelton of New York City. Damage was estimated at under $1,000.


The Shelter Island Fire Department responded to a report of an arcing wire in Harbor View on August 16. Arcing wires were also reported in West Neck on August 18 and in the Center on August 20. LIPA was notified in all cases.

A boat was reported sinking low in the water on August 16; police notified the owner.

A caller reported that a vehicle had almost run him off Cartwright Road on August 16. Police were unable to locate the vehicle.

Also on the 16th, a caller told police a young person had broken a glass bottle on a Menantic roadway. When police arrived the person had cleaned it up.

Loud music was reported in the Center on August 17; the radio was turned off.

A motorcycle operating at a high rate of speed in Cartwright was reported on August 17; it was not located.

Police received an anonymous report of kids playing “ding, dong, ditch” on August 17. The area was checked; no problems were noted.

Police escorted a person to North Ferry on August 18; the person was creating a disturbance, trying to get into a Heights business that was closed for the night.

A case of criminal trespass was reported in the Heights on August 18.

On August 18, the possible grounding of a large yacht was reported in Westmoreland. The crew on board verified that the depth had been checked before docking.

A caller reported on August 18 that two small trees had been cut down on his Center property while brush was being cut back along his property line. He was advised to contact the Shelter Island Highway Department.

A complaint about a barking dog in Hay Beach was called in on August 18; police spoke to the dog’s owner.

Police investigated a shouting incident in the Center on August 18. The area was patrolled with negative results.

A vehicle was reported driving on the beach in Hay Beach. The occupants were advised not to drive there and they complied.

A power failure in the Center was reported to LIPA on August 18.

On August 19, a Ram Island caller reported a bat had gotten into the residence. Animal rescue was notified to remove the bat in the morning.

Police were notified on August 19 that a deer had caught its leg in a picket fence in Menantic. Police freed the deer’s leg and the deer ran off without incident.

Police followed up on a complaint received on August 19 about loud music coming from outside speakers at a Hay Beach residence. The music was turned off.

On August 19, a Center caller reported that a passerby had possibly thrown something at the house. The neighborhood was patrolled with negative results.

Police received a report on August 20 about a large hawk that had stayed in a Center area for three days. Animal rescue responded and removed the hawk.

LIPA was notified when an anchor and chain got hooked on something in the water off Crescent Beach. The spot was marked by a buoy. A diver declined to search for the anchor and chain because he had previously dived in that area and found another anchor and chain sitting on an underwater LIPA power line. LIPA responded later this week.

A dog at large was reported in the Center on August 20 but was gone when police arrived. Another dog at large in West Neck was retrieved by police on August 22 and a relative of the owner notified.

On August 20, a West Neck resident was advised to post “no-trespassing” signs after persons unknown nailed boards to a tree next to stairs leading down to the beach.

Gunshots were reported in Menantic on August 20. A resident was located who said he had shot a rat. He was advised not to do so, given the close proximity of his neighbors.

A Center caller complained about persons photographing him on August 20.

The Shelter Island Fire Department responded to a smell of gas reported at a Center residence on August 21.

A sick raccoon was reported in Cartwright on August 21; police were unable to locate the animal.

Police received a complaint about a jet skier traveling at a high rate of speed under the bridge at Chase Creek. The area was patrolled with negative results.

On August 21, a Sunfish sailor with a broken boom off Silver Beach was assisted by a marine unit.

A gunshot was reported in Montclair on August 21; the source was not located.

A report of loud popping noises at a Center location was received on August 22; according to the police report, kids were fooling around  with black powder from old fireworks. A parent was notified.

A caller reported an audible alarm in the Center on August 22. Police located an alarm clock on a porch and unplugged it.

A case of petit larceny in the Center was reported on August 22.

The sound of fireworks or gunshots was reported in the Center on August 22. Police located a person shooting a pellet gun but the person agreed to stop, given the nearness of neighbors.

The SIFD responded to four automatic fire alarms in the Heights and the Center during the week. One was caused by outdoor cooking; a second was set off by a security company working on the system; one was a false alarm and another was activated at the school during a test.

There were two burglary alarms in the Heights and Cartwright. One was set off by an incorrect code entry and the other by a power failure.


Shelter Island Red Cross ambulance teams transported four aided cases to Eastern Long Island Hospital on August 19, 20 and 22. A fifth case was reported but medical attention was refused.