Police: Short blotter before long weekend

Following a dispute and police investigation, James Lenzer, 50, of Shelter Island was arrested on Tuesday, November 22, and charged with criminal mischief in the 3rd degree and harassment in the 2nd degree. He was arraigned in Shelter Island Justice Court, Judge Mary-Faith Westervelt presiding, and released on $1,500 bail. He was given another appearance date in court.


John B. Henry of New York City was driving northbound on Route 114 on November 19 when he hit a deer, causing an estimate of over $1,000 in damage to the driver’s-side front fender.


Police noticed a low-hanging wire in a parking lot in the Center on November 15. Verizon responded and made the repairs.

A caller reported on November 15 that an unattended vehicle with the keys inside was parked at the bottom of a Hay Beach driveway. The vehicle was gone when police arrived and the area was patrolled with negative results.

On November 16 a driver reported that while making a delivery in the Heights, he had taken down a low-hanging telephone wire. Police notified Verizon.

Police found a dead deer in West Neck on November 16 and notified the Shelter Island Highway Department.

Police documented a child custody complaint for the record on November 16.

Police and the Shelter Island fire fighters responded to an active fire alarm at a West Neck residence on November 17. They found a puff back from an oil/hot water heater, which had produced the smoke triggering the alarm. There was no sign of a fire. The owner was notified.

Police received an anonymous report of a downed line in the Center on November 17; Cablevision was notified.

Police were informed on November 18 that a large moving truck was parked close to the side of the IGA. The driver was asked to park on the outer edge of the parking lot and complied.

An open door was reported at a Heights residence on November 18. Police secured the door, which may have been blown open by the wind.

A Heights resident told police on November 19 that a repairman had informed her a cable connector had been taken off the roof. Police walked the roof looking for any cable or connections and found none — and no sign of any criminal activity. According to the police report, there may have been some confusion with a nearby location.

On November 20, police responded to a report of trespass in the Center. A search of the premises indicated the building was being inhabited although no one at the time was located inside the building.

Three burglary alarms were activated during the week. Two residences in the Heights and South Ferry respectively were secure and showed no signs of any criminal activity. A motion sensor at a third residence in the Center was set off because a door had not been properly secured.

In some other reports, two residents were helped to gain entrance to their homes when the keys were locked inside; another person was given a ride home to pick up an extra set of keys after locking keys in the vehicle. In other cases, police assisted residents with inquiries, finger- printed job applicants and handled lost and found reports.


A Shelter Island Red Cross ambulance team transported a person to Eastern Long Island Hospital on November 19.