Greeny's is closed, organic fast food is no longer a Shelter Island option

JULIE LANE PHOTO | No more organic lunches at Greeny’s Market that closed Friday with owner Jen diPretoro announcing it won’t reopen.

If you were Greeny’s Market regular, you might have learned from owner Jen diPretoro’s Facebook page Friday that you’ll have to find a lunch menu based on organic and locally-grown produce elsewhere.

Ms. diPretoro closed Greeny’s doors Friday for the final time after a long period of soul searching, she said. “The announcement may have seemed sudden but I’ve been considering it for a few months now,” she said in a phone interview.

“I’ll miss Greeny’s customers,” Ms. diPretoro said. “They were really lovely, loyal people. I’ll miss the little chats and the impromptu philosophical arguments that would break out among them,” she said. She described Greeny’s as “very much a little community” and said she will miss getting the everyday updates on what’s going on in her customers’ lives.

More details will be published in this week’s Shelter Island Reporter.