Police: 1 arrest, 8 tickets issued

Ryan T. Doran, 20, of Bridgehampton was driving on West Neck Road on Saturday, February 4 a few minutes after midnight when he was stopped by police for driving with fewer than two rear brake lights. He was arrested and charged with two counts of possession of a loaded firearm in a vehicle. Mr. Doran was released on cash bail of $250 and issued an appearance ticket for a later date in Shelter Island Justice Court.


Five motorists were ticketed during the week. Two were given summonses on Chase Avenue and Route 114 for driving and using a cellphone without a hands-free device. A driver on North Ferry Road was ticketed for unlicensed operation and speeding in a school zone (31 mph in a 20-mph zone).

Another North Ferry Road motorist was ticketed for operating a vehicle with a suspended/revoked registration and without insurance. A third ticket was issued for aggravated unlicensed operation in the 3rd degree.

A fifth driver was given a ticket for failure to stop at a stop sign on Smith Street.


Sherri A. Surozenski of Shelter Island was driving southbound on South Ferry Road on February 4 when her vehicle drove over a can of spray paint in the roadway. It exploded and coated the entire driver’s-side of her vehicle, including the rims and tires. Damage was estimated at over $1,000.

The Shelter Island Highway Department cleaned up the spill on the highway.


On February 1, a Center resident reported a Rottweiler on the porch, tearing into the garbage. Over the summer, the caller had told police that several of his ducks had been killed, probably by a dog, possibly the same one. Police were asked to advise the owner to keep the dog fenced in.

Drugs from 56 cases on the police blotter over a period of several years were destroyed by police on February 1.

Graffiti at a Center location was reported on February 1. (The report may have referred to the Shelter Island Nursery; see photo above.)

An open door was reported at a Center residence on an abandoned construction site on February 1. There was no sign of any criminal activity.

Police were notified about the sound of gunshots in the West Neck area on February 1. At about the same time, Southold police dispatch reported gunshots in the Cedar Beach area. The sound could have carried to Shelter Island, according to the police report. The area was checked with negative results.

An open front door was reported at a Hay Beach residence on February 2. Police found that the door did not shut properly. There was no sign of any criminal activity and police secured the door.

On February 3, a caller told police there was debris on a roadway; police found a few small pieces of glass and swept them off the road.

Police noticed two very old gravestones on their sides at a Center grave site. No criminal activity was noted.

On February 4, a caller reported a pick-up truck at a Shorewood intersection and was concerned that debris was being dumped at that location. Police checked the area for the truck with negative results but also found no sign of dumping.

A wildlife removal service was called when a raccoon was reported trapped in a basement bathroom at a church in the Heights on February 4. The animal was removed with a net.

Also on the 4th, police responded to a domestic dispute in Menantic. No charges were filed.

Police advised an individual on February 5 that he would be subject to arrest if he violated an order of protection that was in effect.

A dog at large in Shorewood was turned into police headquarters on February 6. Police contacted the owner and returned the dog.

Two burglary alarms were reported on January 31 and February 2 at residences in the Heights and HiLo respectively. One was at a location under construction; the other may have been set off by an unlocked door. There was no sign of any criminal activity.


An emergency medical service team transported one person to Eastern Long Island Hospital on February 2.