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Movies at the Library: A cinematic Valentine

Movies at the Library (now at the Center firehouse) has presented a wide variety of interesting and great movies from all over the world these past eight years, but the next one, on Tuesday, February 14, at 7 p.m., “The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert,” is way out there in two ways. First, it’s from Australia — that’s way out there — and second, it’s a wacky, off-beat blast from start to finish. And Priscilla isn’t the leading lady, or a lady at all — it’s a bus.

And talking of ladies, well …

“Adventures” follows three cross-dressing entertainers, two drag queens and a transsexual through small-town stops in a broken-down lavender bus named Priscilla, en route to Alice Springs for a big time gig at a casino. Along the way, the friends change into outrageous costumes and lip-sync disco tunes for the outback’s befuddled locals. They hope to transform the desert.

The movie never fails to delight visually. The over-the-top costumes (the film won an Oscar for best costume design), the campy performances in the desert and the opera scenes are wonderful to watch.

This might not have been your idea of  typical Valentine’s Day entertainment, but “The Adventures Of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” is a combination of hilarious situations, music, visual candy and bizarre fun that highlights love, friendship and self-respect.

Don’t miss this outstanding, engaging and truly original film next Tuesday.

As always, the movie, bottled water, popcorn and laughs are free.

See you at the movies!