Police: 8 tickets and 2 accidents

A motorist was ticketed on North Ferry Road for driving without a license, having fewer than two rear brake lights and emitting unnecessary exhaust smoke. One ATV rider was given summonses for unlawful operation of an ATV on a public road without registration, a license or a helmet. A second person was ticketed for riding on an ATV without a helmet.


Jonathon D. Fogarty of Greenport told police he was driving off a South Ferry boat onto the ramp on February 14 when his vehicle was hit from behind by a vehicle driven by Diane O. Valentine, also of Greenport, who said she hit the vehicle when it stopped on the ramp. There was no damage to Ms. Valentine’s vehicle and minor damage to Mr. Fogarty’s rear bumper as well as scratches to the front bumper from impact with the ramp.

On February 17, Leszek P. Czeladko of Shelter Island reported that he was driving southbound on North Ferry Road when a deer ran out and hit his vehicle, causing minor damage (under $1,000). There were no injuries reported.


A dispute in a neighboring town was reported on February 14.

On request on February 17, police contacted the owner of a vehicle left on a property in West Neck. The owner will have the vehicle towed.

A dead fox was reported in the Center of February 17; the Highway Department was notified to remove it.

Police were on stationary patrol on February 19, following a report of an ATV on Sleepy Hollow Road. Five tickets were subsequently issued as a result.

On February 19, a caller requested police assistance in gaining entrance to a Long View residence.

Police investigated a report of unlawful camping in the Silver Beach area on February 20.

A pit bull was reported at large in a Center caller’s yard on February 20. When police arrived, the owner had retrieved the dog.

On February 20, a caller was concerned about nuisance hunting and hearing gunshots at night in the Ram Island area. Police will review the nuisance hunting program in that location.

A burglary alarm at a Center residence was set off by workers on the property on February 16.

The Shelter Island Fire Department responded to an automatic fire alarm at a South Ferry Hills home on February 19. Sanding inside the residence had set off the alarm.


Emergency medical services (EMS) teams transported two people to Eastern Long Island Hospital on February 15 and 17.

Those named in arrest reports have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may or may not be found guilty.