Police: 2 accidents, a dispute, dogs and deer

Andrew J. Eklund of Shelter Island told police he was driving southbound on West Neck Road on February 21 when his steering did not respond and he lost control of his vehicle on a downgrade and at a curve — leaving the roadway and hitting a utility pole. There were no skid marks and no violations were noted that might have led to the accident. There was over $1,000 in property damage and in damage to the front end of the vehicle. According to the police report, a motorist driving ahead of Mr. Eklund estimated that he was driving at 35 mph.

Robert Morgan of Shelter Island reported that his vehicle was hit while it was parked at some point during February 24, causing minor damage to the left front fender and a scrape on the bumper. Police noted marks consistent with being struck by another vehicle. Mr. Morgan reported the accident for informational purposes; it had been parked at various locations during the day, both on- and off-Island.


Police assisted the Highway Department on February 22 collecting information about broken streetlights on the Island.

Also on the 22nd, police requested that the North Ferry hold a boat for a caller transporting someone to Eastern Long Island Hospital.

Police investigated a caller’s concern on February 23 that a driver in the Heights might have been attempting to intimidate him. Police spoke to the driver and no further action was necessary.

On February 26, police responded to a property dispute in Cartwright.

A caller told police on February 26 that a dog was being walked off leash in West Neck when it ran in front of her truck. For the dog’s sake, the driver requested that police advise the owner about the town’s leash law.

On February 27, a caller reported that a deer was stuck in a fence in the Center. The deer was dead when police arrived.

Police were told on February 27 that garbage was falling out of a vehicle in West Neck. Police located the driver who agreed to go back over the route and pick up any garbage.

While on patrol in the Center on February 27, police noticed an open door to a residence, secured the door and left a message for the owner.

Police responded to a medical alert alarm at a Long View home on February 20 and helped the resident.

Two burglary alarms were activated on February 23 and 24 at homes in Westmoreland and on Ram Island, respectively. The first was set off accidentally by the caretaker; there was no sign of a break-in or any criminal activity in the second. The probable cause was a faulty alarm.

Among other reports during the week, police assisted residents in their homes, opened a vehicle with the keys locked inside, fingerprinted a person for employment purposes, performed court duty and logged in lost and found articles.


Shelter Island emergency medical service teams transported five people to Eastern Long Island Hospital on February 21, 22, 24 and 26.

Those named in arrest reports have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may or may not be found guilty.