Mens Bowling: Kevin L. does it again, Rob B. joins the club

Week 20 started with a match between the Holy Rollers and the Under Achievers with the Rollers getting the 11-point win. Although Rippy Smith for the Unders had a good night, he did not have much support from his fellow teammates. He rolled 92 pins over his average. Mike Goodleaf rolled a sub par 500 series of 483. The Rollers did have the third high team series of 2935.

The Clippers knocked the boots off the Pharmaceuticals this week as they were 11-point winners. The Clips not only rolled the high team series for the week and year of 3214 but also rolled the first, second and third high team game of 1121, 1050 and 1043 respectively.

Anyone know this guy Kevin Lechmanski? He does it again this week for the Clips. With only a 588 series, he rolled a high game of 236 and second high game of 225. Rolling 96 pins over his average, he once again earned Bowler of the Week honors. Also for the Clips was the silver fox, Arthur Springer, with the third high game of 187. The Clips’ Ron Lucas picked up the 5-10 split and Louie the Clip picked up the 5-7 split. At least for the Pharms there was Bud Morris rolling 79 pins over his average with the second high series of 511. The Pharms did have the second high team series of 2940. The Pharms appear to be going downhill with an absentee captain, one overseas and one on the DL list.

While the Clips soared this week, the Dory Terminators did a bit of stumbling in their 6-point loss to the Legionnaires. The irony of the match was that the Terms got their 5 points in the game that Dave Clark sat out. Hmmm, it makes one think. Gunnar Wissemann for the Terms picked up the 4-7 split. One thing Tiger didn’t teach Mike Loriz, was to pull out, quit  and go home with a bit of pain.

Ending the week was the Thunderballs in an 11-point win over the Misfits.

The Misfits suffered another loss this 21st week, losing 8 points to the Terms. The Terms had the high team series of 2987 and second high game of 1027. While Mike Reiter had the second high series of 506, BJ Volenski had the third high series of 472. The Terms need to continue to look over their shoulders as the Clips appear to be gaining ground.

The TBalls were 8-point winners over the ‘Naires this week. For the ‘Naires Jim Oliver picked up the 6-7-10 split, not once but twice. I didn’t realize that cleaning the gutters went with oiling the alleys. After putting his ball in the left gutter, Mike  Roesch’s next ball went into the right gutter. It must have been one of those tricks that he learned from Mike Loriz.

Before I get any phone calls as to why the Rollers went from winners to losers in their match against the Clippers, the handicaps for the Rollers were incorrectly added up, changing the outcome of the night. The Clippers ended up taking an 8-point win. The Rollers did have third high team series and games of 2963 and 1018 respectively.

Picking up where Kevin left off for the Clips was Rob Brewer. This week Robbie had the high series of 564, which included the high game of 1036 and second high game of 1018. Rolling 135 pins over his average, Robbie earned Bowler of the Week honors. Also for the Clippers Bob Marcello had a second high game of 199.

Ending the week was the Pharms in a 6-point win over the Unders.


Week 21 Team Standings

Team Won Lost Pct.

Dory Terminators 159 72 .688

Louie’s Clippers 145 86 .628

Holy Rollers 123 108 .533

Thunderballs 122 109 .528

Pharmaceuticals 119 112 .515

Misfits 102 129 .442

Under Achievers 87 144 .377

Legionnaires 67 164 .290