Mens Bowling: Terminators triumph

BEVERLEA WALZ PHOTO The Term’s Brett Page, left, gets a high five from Michael Goodleaf as Louie Cicero looks at the bad news for the Clips on the score sheets.

It ain’t over ‘til it is over but for the Clippers the fat lady began to sing by the end of the second game last Friday night. Unable to produce a full team on Wednesday night, the Clippers suffered an 8-3 loss to the Terminators. The Terms’ Gunnar Wissemann had the high series of the night of 518, which included the second high game of 192. Mike Reiter came in with a 454 series. As for Brett Page, enjoy those new clubs on the links. I’m sure you can beat that 110 that you bowled this night.

Kevin Lechmanski continued to bowl well but without much team support. Kevin had the second high series of 507, which included the high game of 201. There was also Robbie Brewer with a 462 series.

Friday’s games ended closer than the shave that Louie gave to Busch Reiter so many years ago, for those of you who remember that year’s championship match. All the Terms needed was a 4-point win. Once again, the Clippers were short-handed. With Bud Morris at the scoreboard, with calculator in hand, the Terms took the first game by 1 pin. Kevin, with a game of 189, had little team support. The second game was once again close with the Terms taking it by 6 pins.

At that point, the night and season were over for the Clippers. Kevin had a 208 game while there was Gunnar for the Terms with a 174. Also for the Terms, Mike Reiter picked up the 2-7-10 split. I’m surprised that he didn’t follow in his father’s footsteps and get a shave from Louie. Although struggling at the end of the season, the Terms fought their way back to the top and became the 2011-2012 champions.

A reminder for bowlers once again: please sign up for the dinner if you plan on attending. Good luck to the men in the grudge match once the schedule is made up. No need to wish the women luck as it appears that they have made up their own luck during the past years bowling against the men.