Osprey's Nest: Week of April 26, 2012

Happy birthday to…

Margaret Walther, Robert Hopkins, Carol Taplin, Fran Johnson, April Silvani, Caitlin Read and Bob Rescigno on April 27; Pat Binder, Chelsea Phillips, Jordan Knight, Charlotte Moore, Lisa Julian and Chris Clark on April 28; Ronnie Tybaert Jr. and Nicholas R. Bittner on April 29; Harrison Weslek, Richie Halsey, Drew Conroy, Cara Cass and Kim Cannon on April 30; Teri Piccozzi, Sara Jane Verwymeren and Claudia Carucci on May 1; Anne Quimby, Michael Santillo, Jennifer Yeager and Ashley Knight on May 2; and Janet Jernick, Jim Wallace, Emily Parsons, Tanya Schmid, Fred Patykeich, Lacey Faulkner and Richard Russ on May 3.

Happy anniversary to…

JoAnn and Mike DeMarsico Jr. on April 27; Teri and Angelo Piccozzi  on April 29; and Thomas and Jennie Farraher on May 1.