Island Seniors: And the Memory Lane winner is…


Last month’s “Down Memory Lane” photo ID contest produced only one participant — Marie Buscemi of Rebel Road.
Marie did not, however, win by default. She correctly identified, with a little massage of her own memory cells, all five of the seniors in the two photographs.

In picture #1, to the left of Clarissa Fields, the lighthouse keeper’s daughter, is Onie Byington, the fearless leader of the Island Food Market Koffee Klatch many years ago. Onie is now a full-time resident at San Simeon.To the right of Clarissa is Rosemary Griffing, one of Shelter Island’s telephone operators from way back when and still a regular diner at the Dinner Bell. Wasn’t she a doll!


In picture # 2, the handsome man-about-town is Owen Rice. To the left of Owen is Alma Ryder, a valued member of the Silver Circle Club for older seniors, when she’s not in Florida. And to Owen’s right is Flo Weber, Tippy Bevan’s mother. Tippy and her beloved husband Al were  Volunteers of the Year in 2008, largely for the work they did and still do at the Food Pantry, housed at the Presbyterian Church.

This is the fifth “Down Memory Lane” contest to appear in “Island Seniors.” It is important, I do believe, to remember old friends and neighbors in print. Thank you, Marie Buscemi, for making this possible.