Should the fireworks happen this year or next?

ELEANOR P. LABROZZI FILE PHOTO | It turns out the Shelter Island Chamber of Commerce might not host a fireworks show after all this year.

Just as Shelter Islanders were planning for a Labor Day weekend fireworks show to make up for the cancelled fireworks in mid-July comes word the show may not happen at all this year.

Members of the Shelter Island Chamber of Commerce, sponsor of the annual fireworks display, were “getting a lot of different feedback,” according to the organization’s president Art Williams. So rather than push ahead with the September plans, they have sent a poll to members via email and responses will determine whether to push ahead Labor Day weekend or hold off until next summer.

“We’ve got to pay attention to our constituents,” Mr. Williams said. The Sunday of Labor Day weekend, when the Chamber of Commerce planned for the fireworks, tends to be a big day for restaurateurs, Mr. Williams said. Because the fireworks would be about 90 minutes earlier than in July, restaurant owners feared people would abandon plans to eat out.

It was a factor he hadn’t considered when he thought about rescheduling, he said. Accordingly, he’ll review the results of the poll on Monday and make a decision.

The Reporter will be posting the final decision on this website Monday.

In the meantime, we ask you, unofficially in our own poll below, if you’d like to see the fireworks this year or just wait until 2013.

Should there be fireworks this September?