ZBA seeks Ruig replacement: 10-year veteran left board last month

JULIE LANE PHOTO | Pieter Ruig (center) shown here at a Zoning Board of Appeals meeting in February 2012.

The Shelter Island Zoning Board of Appeals is seeking a replacement for Pieter Ruig, who resigned at the end of 2012 after more than 10 years of service to the town.

Mr. Ruig couldn’t be reached for comment, but Town Clerk Dorothy Ogar said, “He’s not going to be on the Island a lot anymore.”

Ms. Ogar noted Mr. Ruig would be in New York City a great deal of the time, making it impossible for him to continue to serve on the ZBA.

Doug Matz, ZBA chairman, was unavailable for comment about the transition.

Mr. Ruig’s term is due to expire July 8 this year and the person appointed to replace him would serve until then. It would be up to the Town Board to decide whether to reappoint the replacement for a full term or make another decision, Ms. Ogar said.

In response to advertisements in the Reporter, she already has four applications, she said. Interviews will be set up with the applicants, and the Town Board will make the final decision about who finishes Mr. Ruig’s term.

In recent months, Mr. Ruig and Ellen Lear put their Paard Hill horse farm on the market for $7.95 million. The couple had won their own prolonged zoning battle back in 2000 to establish the horse farm that ultimately became what was characterized as “a four star hotel for horses,” according to Corcoran Real Estate Senior Vice President Penelope Moore, with padded floors, water fountains in the 23 stalls and water views.