Stormy weather, calm police blotter


Those named in arrest reports or receiving police summonses have not been convicted of a crime. In court, the charges against them may be reduced or withdrawn or the defendants may be found not guilty.

Gary J. Gerth of Wantagh was traveling southbound on Manhanset Road on February 18 when a deer ran out in front of his vehicle. There was no damage reported to the vehicle; the deer was killed in the accident.

Police and the Shelter Island Fire Department responded to an arcing wire in the Center on February 12.

A case of criminal mischief was reported on February 13 when a vehicle was driven onto the Gardiner’s Bay Country Club golf course, causing more than $250 in damage.

On February 13, a caller reported water leaking from the rear of a Center residence. Police responded and shut off the water.

A caller complained on February 13 that a window in the back of his Center residence had been broken.

Police on patrol noticed an open door at a Ram Island residence on February 13. The door had been left ajar by a painting crew and was secured by police.

Police notified the highway departments of the town, Village of Dering Harbor and the Heights about snow accumulation on town roadways on February 14 and 17.

On February 14, police advised the parties involved in a delivery dispute that the case was civil in nature.

A pit bull mix was reported at large in the Center on February 14; the dog was gone when police responded.

An incident reported to police on February 14 took place in Southampton and the complainant was referred to that jurisdiction for follow-up.

A Center resident reported unknown persons on the property on February 15; no one was found at the location.

Police on patrol noticed a “suspicious” vehicle parked in Shorewood on February 15; the area was searched with negative results.

Police were requested to check on a person’s welfare on February 15; there was no indication of mistreatment or neglect.

The Shelter Island Fire Department was called out for a mulch pile on fire in the Center on February 15. The fire chief requested that the Highway Department’s pay loader be used to pull the smoldering mulch apart.

An open door at a Shorewood residence was reported on February 15. Police responded and found no sign of any criminal activity.

A caller reported an electrical smell inside a Ram Island residence on February 16. The SIFD responded and found that an outdoor receptacle had burned up.

An injured seagull was reported in the Center on February 16; Wild Life Rescue in Hampton Bays was notified.

A caller reported hearing gun shots in the Center on February 16; police located the hunter, who was hunting legally.

A Center caller reported hearing noise outside the residence on February 18. Police responded and noted that the noise may have been caused by high winds.

Black ice was reported on two Cartwright roadways on February 18.

On February 18, a Hay Beach caller was unable to gain entry through the front door of the house; police entered the house through a second floor window and opened a sliding door in the back. The front door latch appeared to be broken.

A burglary alarm was set off by accident at a Heights residence on February 16.

Shelter Island Emergency Medical Service teams transported four individuals to Eastern Long Island Hospital on February 12, 13, 14 and 18.

A person was medivaced by Suffolk County Police helicopter from Wades Beach to Stony Brook University Hospital on February 16.