Center firehouse roofing under way

AMBROSE CLANCY PHOTO | About 25 workers were scrambling atop the Center Firehouse this morning to fix a leaky roof.

About 25 workers from the  R.W. Mulligan Company of Riverhead began work on the Center Firehouse roof this morning.

The roof had developed leaks that could be seen on the ceiling in the main meeting room on the building’s second floor.

Commissioners chose Mulligan from among five companies that had priced the project for Commissioner Keith Clark. Because the roof replacement was deemed an emergency repair, commissioners didn’t have to put the project out to bid. But they requested that Mr. Clark get a sense of what the job would cost by speaking with various roofers.

Mulligan came in at a low price of $29,400. Others who priced the project were Cotrone at $32,200; Eli Construction at $35,625; Hunter at $46,500; and AAC Inc. at $51,500.

Mr. Clark described Mulligan as a very reputable company with huge crews able to tackle the project rapidly.