East End Classic Boat Show ready to launch

COURTESY PHOTO | Community Boat Shop in Amagansett welcomes visitors and new members.

The East End Classic Boat Society will hold its spring open house Saturday, April 27, from noon to 3 p.m. at the Community Boat Shop at 301 Bluff Road in Amagansett.

The society is a nonprofit organization dedicated to sustaining the skills and traditions of small wood boat building and restoration.
The East Hampton Town Marine Museum will also be open.

Classic Boat Society volunteers will be available to demonstrate how they’re building a Goeller dinghy, the first boat built at the Community Boat Shop capable of being propelled by sail, oars or an outboard motor. Volunteers are also restoring a Herreshoff 12.5 that was built in 1921 and other classic sail and rowboats will be on display.

Raffle tickets are being sold with the boat as a prize and proceeds will go to supporting the Community Boat Shop.

Membership in the society is available to boaters with all levels of skills with fees beginning at $35 for an individual and $45 for a family. The society conducts programs on small boat design, building and restoration at the Community Boat Store.