VIDEO: The secrets to beekeeping

CARRIE MILLER PHOTO | The male bumblebee (center) just watch as the workers buzz about.

Master beekeeper Chris Kelly of The Plantage in Mattituck has been teaching aspiring beekeepers the dos and don’ts of caring for bees for the past ten years. With over 40 years of experience, he has a lot of guidance to offer.

The past several years have been tough on the bees, and their keepers. Colony collapse, parasites and even pesticides are causing harmful effects, culminating into what some North Fork beekeepers said was the toughest season to date.

Luckily raised awareness of the difficulties bees have been facing has resulted in more people interested in becoming beekeepers.

But you do not necessarily have to become a beekeeper to help these little pollinators.

Mr. Kelly explains how to help feed the bees.