Reel Point: Talk, but no timetable discussed

PETER BOODY PHOTO | The mouth of Coecles Harbor the Monday after Superstorm Sandy with Sungic Point in the foreground, where extensive shoaling can be seen, and Reel Point across the channel — wider but flatter and perhaps farther west than it used to be.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for action, but at least the erosion threatening Reel Point is being discussed by the Department of Public Works.

That’s the word from Alfred Loreto, a member of the Waterways Management Advisory Council, who has been tracking progress on efforts to remedy the situation.

A letter to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation from Supervisor Jim Dougherty was apparently instrumental in getting talks moving, Mr. Loreto said.

“They are taking it very, very seriously,” he said.

“Does that mean something will be done?” asked member James Eklund, tongue in cheek.

No one had an answer to when or exactly what might be done to remedy the situation that threatens to turn Reel Point in a tombolo — an area that could separate much of Reel Point from the rest of the Island except at very low tides. What’s also critical about the work that needs to be done is opening up the mouth to Coecles Harbor that is being increasingly encroached upon by shifting sands that need to be dredged.

What member Marc Wein wants to ensure is that the work isn’t limited to moving soft, fine sand and dumping it in the area that needs to be replenished. He prefers an alternative plan that would move heavier stones from the end of Reel Point to the eroded area.

“That’s being discussed,” Mr. Loreto promised.

“We know it’s a long shot, but we’re trying to get it done by this season,” said Councilman Ed Brown, liaison to the council.

In a unanimous 6-0 vote, council members will recommend three projects to the Town Board for approval:

• Susan Ciaccio of 74 North Cartwright Road wants to construct a 4-foot by 20-foot ramp on a 4-foot by 100-foot fixed dock section with a 4-foot by 20-foot lower platform at the offshore end and to install two 2-pile mooring dolphins.

• The Richard Burdge Jr. Trust at 92 Peconic Avenue is asking for permission to reconstruct 90 feet of existing 6-foot by 205-feet of fixed dock and replace the decking, stringers, caps and pilings as needed.

• Southland Inc.-McCrossin has an application at 89 Ram Island Drive for 40 feet of rock revetment.