Fresh troops: New TCO helping with Island traffic

JULIE LANE PHOTO | TCO Michael Arnone checking out registration and inspection stickers during his tour of duty with the Shelter Island Police.

Someday, you might encounter Michael Arnone asking for your vote as he pursues a political career.

But today, your encounter would either involve his ticketing you for a traffic offense or providing a public service such as giving you directions.

The 20-year-old political science major at Gettysburg College inPennsylvania is the new traffic control officer hired for a summer gig with the Shelter Island Police Department. He’s been working the streets of Shelter Island Heights since starting the job two weeks ago.  He expected to find resistance from those motorists he has had to stop for traffic offenses — including parking longer than allowed in some business areas, not having vehicle registrations or inspections up to date or other offenses. But he has found them generally to be cordial.

Politics is his first love. Mr. Arnone has worked on campaigns to boost the candidacies of Congressman Tim Bishop and County Legislator Al Krupski Jr. But one day, he might opt to seek his own seat at some governmental level, he said.

His political science studies have opened up a wide scope of public service opportunities, including the possibility of someday seeking a career in law enforcement, he said.

“I will give law enforcement a second thought,” he said, basing that decision on his summer experience.

The Southold resident applied for a TCO position with Shelter Island, Southold and Riverhead police departments, had a good interview with Chief Jim Read and opted to take a job on the Island.